Shadow kid

  1. hi
    i am supposed to be a shadow kid for those who already know about it. i want to get all dressed up. lol i know i can get a top scrub which my mom is going to buy hopefully and i am willing to buy scrub pants but dont know if they make any for my size because i am 14 and wear a size 14-16 and sometimes 10-12.
    also does walmart carry any nurse cloggs that are size 4-5. i just wish that the guidence counselor would hurry up and tell me when i go to the hospital that way i can get the stuff i want. do yall think it would look ok if i wore jeans with a scrub top.
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  3. by   Katnip
    You shouldn't have a problem finding pants. Just get drawstring type that way it's very easily adjustable.

    You don't need nursing shoes specifically, either. A pair of sneakers that are good to your feet are all that are necessary. A lot of nurses wear regular shoes.

    You sound really exciting, and that's exciting to see.