Separating "clean" and "dirty" patients

  1. Does your hospital/unit assign different nurses for clean (immunocompromised, transplants and such) and dirty (isolation precaution) patients? Does the CDC recommend this? Any evidence out there about it? Thanks for your input
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  3. by   Zookeeper3
    When i worked heart transplant, similar to a bone marrow transplant unit.... You were assigned only "clean" patients for your week stretch or "dirty" patients for that stretch. Because of the immune compromised status... clean or dirty... all clothes were changed at work, shoes had booties taken off at each room.

    For the regular ICU where I have worked, a nurse was NEVER assigned a surgical patient and someone on isolation. Crazy enough you could have two MRSA patients with different strains and it wasn't an issue... but don't dare put an isolation with a fresh post op.

    From my knowledge, on a regular floor, as long as PPE is worn appropriately, there is no risk of contamination and they do not address assignments. They only address what to wear in isolation for the specific patient.

    Hospital policy and procedures vary.