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I heard about his from a friend in Tulsa. Their senior administrative staff works one shift a month (shift of their choice, usually a weekend) as unlicensed staff. Pass trays, assist with baths,... Read More

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    Karen - I think your situation is wonderful. Unfortunately, your situation is more the exception than the rule. In all my years in nursing, I have only had 1 CNO take the time to get involved with the operation of our floor. She was a wonderful CNO and really worked to get the nurses what they needed to do the job.

    I really believe that if senior management took a moment out of their day to recognize that it is a real disaster on the floors today, they might stop and think about what they are doing. Maybe not, but I would hope so. Your situation illustrates that when senior management works side by side with nursing, things can get accomplished.
    This has only occured due to the efforts of the CEO: Gavin Kerr. He introduced a program Quint Studer started called "Values in Practice". It is about empowering and focusing on employees. Employees who strive for excellence, feel valued and have a say in their job will provide improved customer service to other staff members therefore spill over to improved patient satisfaction.

    I've seen the possitive change within my own work unit and have high employee satisfaction scores from recent survey to prove it works.
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