seizure not syncopal

    I finally found a neuro who looked at the whole picture and didn't think I was crazy or Pat was making it up!!!!!
    He has made a diagnosis of "complex temporal seizures". Pat is on tegritol, having an EEG 6/16 with an MRI w/contrast to follow. His episodes were not all the same, 'evolving', the neuro said. Now r/o stenosos, r/o tumor. My son is terrified, 17 yo, trying to graduate and now this. Since he was 2 yo all he wanted to do was drive big rigs cross country. The MD said no way, not even with medication could he get a CDL. Is there any good news in all this?
    I'm not familliar with seizure disorders, except what one looks like (practice).
    My only solice is that God is concerned with even sparrows, and HE is much more concerned about my son.
    Thank you Chubby and all for your support and suggestions. The drug screen(wide panel) came out negative. The neuro really seems supportive and concerned.
    I am looking forward to your inputs if possible
    Thank you all so much for your help in the past and for your future help
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  3. by   CHUBBY
    Glad you finally found someone who would "listen" to you and your son. Unfortunately, people cannot drive regular auto's unless they're seizure free for a year, so I have to agree that Commercial driving is out. Only time and testing will tell about the other things they're looking for..I'll say a prayer for ya...
    Isn't it sad how most of the time people don't listen to us until its too late. No monitor tech...'til a pt. goes into vfib on an unwatched monitor.No security guard, until a staff member almost gets beat to a pulp...
    etc.,etc. I'm sure there are tons of stories of valid concerns swept away....
  4. by   CEN35
    Although every state is different, in Ohio the patient needs to be seizure free for only six months for driving eligibility. Maybe the doctors thoughts are against driving a big rig. I would check into your states laws, once a conclusion and diagnoses has been made. If they put him on medication and he remains seizure free for a year or more,maybe they would allow him to do what he wants?

  5. by   Sharon

    Congratulations on finding a good neurologist. Now your son has the opportunity to look into other career paths related to transportations. Commercial Driver Licenses are regulated by the U.S. Department of Transportation and any history does exclude receiving one.

    It is possible to get a position with a company "jockeying" Rigs around a yard or facility as long as he does not drive on public roads. My employer uses former CDL drivers who no longer qualify for their CDL due to medical problems i.e. diabetes, to jockey rigs around the facilities.

    There are many other areas of work around rigs that he could still do with his history. Such as maintenance, logistical planning, accident investigation, communications and dispatch.