Seeking competency exams for nurses

  1. Hi,
    I'm a nurse manager for a staffing agency and I'm looking for competency exams to use as part of our pre-hire screening for med/surg, critical care, and various other nursing specialties. I've tried AACN, and AORN, but never received a response to my inquirey.
    Other than the NLN, does anyone know of a source for decent tools? Sure appreciate the help. Thanks, CC
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  3. by   RNinICU
    We use the PBDS system when hiring new staff. It's a system of written tests and video clips that test assesment, prioritization, and interventional skills. Raw scores are sent to an analyst and individual orientation plans are devised for new hires. I don't know if the company has a similar tool for agency nurses, but it might be worth your while to find out. If you would like more info, I can get it for you next week. PM me qnd let me know.