1. i work two hospitals in central in. both use computer charting. at the larger one, my units (2) and a unit at a sister hospital use a system from a company called systems engineering consultants (or something like that) SEC for short. they came in and wrote the programs to our specifications, and made changes as needs came up. they did have a fairly generic flowsheet that is flexible enough to add as many columns as needed. i love it. we have had it for almost 3 years, and they keep improving the program. they were going to go to more units, but Y2K got in the way (no $$ left over). we used to have hand held computers, but they were too slow, and had problems connecting to the server. we now have a computer in each room. i like being able to chart an assessment while the tech is charting vitals on the same patient. no more fighting for the bedside. it is a pain to be the only area with the system. when any patient leaves, we have to print up the days documentation. also there have been a few "crashes" that have resulted in lost info. also order entry is currently in a seperate system, so we are constantly switching back and forth. is very user friendly. lots of point and click.
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    I worked at a hospital in Ca. that scrapped their computer charting system because when the nurses were busy they didn't have time to enter the data and it cost more in overtime than it was worth. I'm waiting for the day when charting is done via a voice recognition program and not via keyboard.

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