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  1. our staff is interested in developing a "set" schedule that would be the same each month. I'm looking for input from anyone who has worked with this type of scheduling-- pros and cons, how holiday & vacation times are handled,etc.
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  3. by   jkh
    My place of employment has block scheduling and I love it. I know what my schedule is 2- 6 months or even a year ahead of time to plan appointments of vacations. We work every other holiday. This changes every year so if we work christmas one year we have it off the next year. If we are not scheduled we are automaticaly scheduled for our holiday, then get another day off if it is more than 40 hours a week. We have PRN nurses that fill

    in for vacations or regular schuduled nurses

    can sign up to work and they usually do.

    We are not automaticaly schuduled on our days off. (for vacations) When someone quits their block is left open and the new hire

    fills that block which includes the every

    other holiday schedule. At the time a

    regular nurse can change her block if she

    wants to.

    After reading my post I should clarify that our block is a two week block. The schedule is posted for a month at a time. We have until the 10th of the month to request our PTO time for the following month.

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  4. by   3651bht
    Hi We do self scheduling on a six week block. We don't always get the time off that we request. If a request is absolute we mark off the day in red. The do's are two Mondays and two Fridays per six weeks. Weekends are scheduled. Because we work 12's we work q third weekend. Since we started this I have had a much better schedule. i.e. 3-4 days off in a row. I wouldn't want a set schedule because I live in a small comunity and I think scheduling appointments etc would be difficult. What do you do about conventions that have not been scheduled a year in advance etc.