RN Wages

  1. Where do you live, and what is the top hourly wage for a seasoned RN?
    I am in northeastern Ohio and our hospital pays a top rate of $29/hour.
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  3. by   NurseWi_JennJenn
    I live in Wisconsin and I make $22.00 on the graveyard shift. I am not seasoned though...just started back in July
  4. by   gerry79
    I am in Boston and will make $28/hr when I start as a new grad in March. Seasoned nurses top out at $53.00 at the hospital that I will work at and at some hospitals (union) $63/hr. But of course it costs a fortune to live here.
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  5. by   lauralassie
    work in Columbus , Ohio. I've been in critical care about 30 years. My base is 37.50 with a 4.00 shift diff. 1.50 charge and preceptor pay. I think 28 $ is a good start, even more so if they help you pay your loans off. Most places advance quickly,as far as I've seen.