RN, PTA, and Lupus

  1. I currently have all of my pre-req's completed for both the ADN or PTA (Physical therapist assistant) program. The waiting list for the nursing program is around 3 years and there is no waiting list for the PTA program. I have looked into other schools, and they all have about the same waiting list length. Here is my concern... I have Lupus (SLE), and many people including my doctor are worried that if I became a nurse that I could get really sick because I am immunocompromised and have significant organ involvement (pericarditis, pleurisy, nephritis, etc....) On the other hand, I was told that the role of a PTA is less risky.. I know that this is a nursing forum, but I would appreciate input on both fields. I am wondering if maybe I should avoid direct patient care altogether and look into something else. (?) I appreciate your responses.
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    My best friend ( we met at nursing school ) has Lupus. She works full time as a med surg RN and is also a very busy mother to 3 teenagers. She is doing absolutely fine. Good luck to you.