RN or LPN?

  1. I am not a nurse yet but want to become one. I need some advice. My ultimate goal would to be working in labor and delivery, possible long term down the line maybe a midwife. I know I would need to be a RN, but I am not sure if it is better to go to school fot approx 16 months become an LPN, start working, getting experience, and then go back to school for an RN. Or should I wait the 4 years to get a RN. I live in Georgia if that helps at all? Please anyone insight would be helpful. Thanks.
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  3. by   kokeltner
    Do what your inner voice is telling you to do. I'm taking my pre-reqs now and have debated the same subject myself...Do I apply for the LPN program or RN program?? I'm going to shoot for the 2 yr RN pr. at my local CC. Try to talk to as many friends/family as you can for advice to push you forward in making a sound decision. Good luck.