RN magazines (NOT online ones)

  1. Anyone get in the mail on a monthly basis or close to that any good RN magazines? If so, can you share the names or addresses/phone #s so that I can start getting some? I am not interested in online ones; I already get this one and others!

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  3. by   janben
    You might be interested in our journal, Nursing99, published by Springhouse Corporation. You can find out more about it at our website, www.springnet.com .
  4. by   Brian

    There are several links to Nurisng magazines online and offline at:
    http://wwnurse.com/Literature/Journals /

    Probably the three most well known offline magaizines are Nursing99, RN, and AJN in no particular order.

    Hope this helps.

    Brian Short
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