Rn course on line

  1. Hi I am an Lpn also and i have not found an on line course but i do know Regents college has an ADN and BSN program you can do at home. I will be starting it in may and I hope to be done by christmas. I will give you the number and have you talk with Tammy and just tell her barb baker gave you the number. I figured out the cost of regular nursing school Lost wages, books, Transportation, uniforms ect and this is just as cheap if not cheaper than the traditional way here is tammy's number 1-800-759-5947 and just ask for tammy cook. I have checked out all the programs and some seem cheaper but the down side is you still have to pay the reg fee to Regents and you still have all the other stuff to do, They even have loans without interest so give tammy a call she will fill you in she is awesome-barb
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