RN, BSN, DAC & Chief, Ambulatory Surgery Center

  1. _____ _____, RN, BSN, DAC
    Chief, Ambulatory Surgery Center

    My question is regarding the "DAC" designation.

    What does it stand for when used as above? I thought possibly it means "director of ambulatory center." It's used in an U.S. Army setting.


    Time to send my work....I decided to type "Dear Dr.:" exactly as dictated, b/c the nurse might be a Ph.D. but isn't including it with the designations.

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  3. by   P_RN
    I saw that on the Eisenhower Medical Center site. I have no idea. Are you where you could call and ask? Perhaps her administrative assistant could give us a clue.
  4. by   Franca
    Thank you, PR_N, I'll follow up on your lead; then if it comes up again, I'll know what to type.