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  1. Hi,
    my Question: how best to return to the workforce?
    I was a Registered Nurse in West Germany 25 years ago. The last 25 years I stayed home with my children and I took care of my severely disabled daughter who needs 24 hour care.
    Only now, do I receive some outside help for my daughter.
    It leaves me with some time to think of myself again.
    I really like to go back into Nursing, but I also know, that a lot has changed. It starts with my papers from Germany, the papers don't go into details ( RNABC is requesting ). I can not take a refresher course, because I am out of the workforce longer then 15 years.
    Is there not a possibility to get back on-the-job, I mean to be like a shadow-nurse?
    Somebody suggested to me, to try going for LPN, just to get back into the workforce.
    I am 48 years old and really need to do something soon.
    Can you help?
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  3. by   lactationrn
    are you able to sit for boards again without a refresher course?