Returning to nursing after 2 years leave

  1. I am an ICU nurse who has been out of the nursing field for 2years.
    Does any one know of existing refresher coarses offered specifically for ICU nurses.
    I am interested in what the content is, location, fees and actual worth.
    Does anyone have any other ideas for someone returning to nursing after an extensive leave.
    Thanks, kristine

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  3. by   Canrckid

    Don't short change may remember more than you think! You don't say how many years of prior experience you have, but if it's more than four or so, and if you've worked in relatively busy multi-disciplinary ICU's, you may not need a refresher course. Be honest when you apply for a job, and tell your employer of your concerns, and they may make allowances for a longer orientation.......after all, experienced ICU RN's may be in short supply in your area, and they may appreciate having anyone they can get!

    Good Luck!