Respect of co-workers

  1. After graduation, I have an RN position lined up in ICU. In the meantime, I am working as a CNA there to become familiar w/ the routine etc... I am concerned that when my title shifts from CNA to RN I won't have the respect of some of the staff, particularly the CNA's that are training me now! Do you have suggestions on how to avoid problems of transitioning?!
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  3. by   roxannekkb
    I worked as a nursing asst when I was in school in the NICU, and the staff coudn't wait until I finished and became a "real nurse." There was no problem at all in transitioning to an RN. Bottom line--if the staff respects you and the other CNAs now, there should be no problem. Once you become an RN, well, act like one, and don't let anyone treat you otherwise. And make sure that you are respectful towards CNAs--I've found that many RNs often treat those under them rather poorly.