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Well, I did it. Barely five months into my new job as a Clinical Auditor for the government, I gave my two week notice today. My heart was never really into it, and after seeing firsthand the waste... Read More

  1. by   olol765
    I audit charts too!! I've been doing it less than a month and now I'm like "WHAT WAS I THINKING"!?!?! I wish someone would've warned me!!!
  2. by   angel's RN
    Case -- :roll YEAH for you for having the guts!!!!!!!
    :angel2:'s RN
  3. by   angelwatch
    Those grandchildren and those cats are very important! In the great spiritual journey of this human experience, you are blessed to feel what makes you happy and go for it. We all must choose. What we love fills the heart and fuels the passion for life.
  4. by   CseMgr1
    Quote from briehy
    I audit charts too!! I've been doing it less than a month and now I'm like "WHAT WAS I THINKING"!?!?! I wish someone would've warned me!!!

    You GOT that right!

    I thought the job would be mostly UM, but it's more accounting than anything else; analyzing raw data and completing endless spreadsheets.

    Did I mention spreadsheets? :lol_hitti

    And, just when I thought I was out of the woods, I was informed today that I have to go out on our next audit which begins next Tuesday. To do what??: Copy charts?? :angryfire I am not going to be able to audit anything, for I am not going to be around for any follow-up. To make matters even worse, the audit site is over 70 miles from where I live, and the government won't pay for lodging because it is less than 30 miles from office. Our Clinical Manager was sympathetic to my concerns, but said there was nothing she could do.

    So, I guess I'll be paying for a place to stay during the audit, because there is NO way I am going to commute 140 miles a day.

    Somehow I feel as if I am being punished for quitting.
  5. by   CseMgr1
    I had my Exit Interview with our Staff Development Coordinator yesterday. She encouraged me to be "honest" with my answers to her questions. For starters, I placed our department's Orientation Manual I had brought with me on her desk and informed her: "You need to know that I was told just two weeks ago and five months into this job I was told by my supervisor that I was not to use this Manual because it is "outdated".
    She looked at me, obviously taken aback and responded: "I don't understand why this manual would be outdated, because S. did the updates". (S. is my supervisor's supervisor).

    "I'm just telling you what I was told", I reiterated, "Because when she asked me where I got my information from when I was doing the planning for this audit we are going out on next week and I told her, I was informed not to use it".

    I wasn't finished.

    I went on to tell our Staff Development Coordinator that I was written up by my supervisor (who has no business being one, to begin with, I added), for not being "prepared" on the first day of our last audit. "How was I
    supposed to know what I was responsible for, when she didn't tell me to begin with?", I wanted to know. It was difficult for me to hold back my anger when I told her this bullcrap had been written on my Performance Evaluation. "And I don't appreciate it".

    "I understand completely", was the Coordinator's reply, as she wrote down my statements on a form.

    I also informed her (among other things), that I had come "this close"
    (holding my thumb and index finger together for emphasis), "to walking out of my first audit with this supervisor, because she was so impatient with me".

    "Well", the Coordinator agreed matter-of-factly, "She is known for being 'high-strung'."

    No s***, Sherlock! She and one of the other Clinical Auditors even got into an argument at the audit site over who was going to use which copier. Is that not juvenille, or what?? :smiley_ab

    I was asked point-blank at the end of the interview would I have resigned had I been under another supervisor. My answer?: "Absolutely not."

    I emphasized throughout this interview that my statements regarding this supervisor were not to be misconstrued as personal attacks. The Coordinator agreed. She informed me that since I won't be leaving until the end of the month (I have to go out on another audit with this woman next week....arrrrggghhh! ), the results of my interview will not be released to her supervisors (which will also include the State Auditor) until after I am gone.

    Good. Maybe a little attitude adjustment on the part of the Head Honcho will benefit my soon-to-be ex- supervisor. :trout:
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