Relocation to Austin

  1. Thinking of relocating to Austin, TX...
    Anyone out there from this area? How are the nursing jobs and facilities there??
    Appreciate any info you may have...
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  3. by   hitechlvn
    Well, I like it here. I am on a travel assignment here. There are several hospitals here,
    these are Columbia/HCA facilities, very nice to work at st david memorial.
    Another hospital "chain" in Austin. Brackenridge Hospital is the main "trauma" hospital, I believe.

    Also several rehab facilities and Austin Heart Hospital.

    You are about 1 hour from San Antonio and 30 minutes from a big outlet mall. Lots of country here too.
  4. by   nurspract
    Thank you for the info. I am leaving Wednesday for Lago Vista and would like to check some places out. Will def look up your suggestions.