Questions about travel nursing?

  1. well for anybody that has any experience or answers to my questions about travel nursing, i would appreciate it.

    #1 - i know most places (from what i have heard) are looking for travel nurses for 13 week contracts. is it possible to get like a 4-6 week contract?

    #2 - how do they pay you, weekly or bi-weekly?

    #3 - how do you get your pay? deposited to a local bank with a new account? or too your bank from your homestate etc?

    #4 - how do you find out where they need you, and where you can go? hours? shifts? etc. etc.

    #5 - what is included in it? (i.e. housing? electric? rate of pay, any benefits, etc etc?)

    any help would be greatly appreciated,


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  3. by   wildtime88
    1. It is hard to find an assignment that short but not impossible although you might be sitting and waiting for awhile. 13 week asssingment are much more common

    2. pay period varies wih the company you choose

    3. pay check can be mailed, sent fed ex for an additional cost, or you can use direct deposit to one account that you designate - your ATM card can be your friend

    4. you tell them, you are providing revenue for their existance,
    different travel companies have different listing in different areas although some are pretty commonly shared by all, some of the companies will not discuss anything with you until you have sent in your application, but others will

    5. again this varies from one travel agency to the next, it is best to shop around and have more than one travel company on hand

    go to and take your time and look around the forum "Travel Nurses & Therapists". you will find many answers to what you are looking for and a lot of relevent info. I wish I would have found this site before I started.
  4. by   CEN35
    thanks for the reply roger.....any other input anybody else has, is welcome also!!

  5. by   kathrynlynn
    Good luck with your decision to travel. Roger gave you some good advice. As said, most assignments are for 13 weeks....there are only a handful of companies that do 4 weekers...I know HPO and Global RN do.

    But, most definate, go to

    That's where the travelers hang out and you can get most all your questions answered there.

    K. Lynn
  6. by   momontoy
    I was a travelling nurse for 3 years and was paid by the hospitals that I worked at like everyother nurse. Housing was paid for directly by the company or if I had my own place I got a check once a month from them. My flights back home after my stents were reimbursed by my company.
    It was a wonderful 3 years. You have to be willing to be flexible and very comfortable in your practice!
  7. by   CEN35
    thanks for the responses.......i haven't checked the site out yet. i will when i have some time.....maybe tomorrow. i am not ina rush yet......but thinking make some plans.

    thanks all....

  8. by   wildtime88
    With all you have to do and the references that have to verified, it can take about a month the first time through to actually start an assignment. The main thing to do is focus on geting the applications packets sent to you and filled out. Remember this, just because you filled out a packet and sent it in you are under no obligation to that company.

    You are a customer who is providing them with the means to exist. No nurses = no revenue coming in = them shutting the doors

    One more thing, do not get too over come by the prospect of going someplace new and exciting. Most places have as much to offer as your home town except the senery or the weather might be different as well as the people might be different.
  9. by   nightingale

    How exciting that you are thinking of a change! I have a favorite quote: "Growth is painful and stagnation is death!"

    I love Agency. I have only worked per diem but am also looking into a Travel Contract. I currently travel out of state to work in Denver. A contract would allow me more benefits that are tax exempt. Ther is a website .gov that gives per diem compensation figures.

    A reasonable rule of thumb is $ 30-35 hourly compensation. There is no free ride so when a travel company provides housing, it is deducted from your hourly wage. Many companies will allow you a base figure (usually based on the .gov per diem) for housing, mileage/car reimbursement, and additional travel expenses. A generalization for daily per diem is $ 85.00, so with 12 shifts a month, you can do the math.

    Think contract and verbage when you sign; Check with colleages for feedback before you sign. I have heard that you can often get double time for the 4th shift in a week and those types of requests. Again, delphi is a good website as a resource for travelers.

    I agree with Wild; Get the packets and start your leg work because it all takes time. Honestly, I put me name in at delphi for an interest in travel and I was overwhelmed with travel agency callers; They initially look the same but I go with personal recomendations for the subtle but important differences.

    Your specialty is VERY much in demand too Rick! Good luck to you and have fun with it! I hear California pays big money... but watch your costs.... the cost of living is killer....

    Just my opinion..... but California in winter sounds a lot better then Wyoming (or Ohio)! lol....

    In peace,
  10. by   Jay Levan
    If this Old 'puter lets me stay on long enough I will explain. It is very Important that you check an Agency out while they are varifying your Credentials. Example; I recently asked the Question, "What are your Rates for E.R. Nurses in south Texas?" to which I received the standard $31-$35 an hour depending on location/Hospital etc. I informed this person that nurses in Texas were making 92K and beyond there as Staff members. To which he responded to by laughing at me, and saying something to the effect of "Oh, I don't think they pay nurses that much." My response to that statement was to forward to him a post by "dplear' who works in a pediatric facility there in Texas. You have to be able to Negotiate, and realize that all benefit packages were created by these agencies so as to be able to increase their Profit margins. If there is a benefit you must negotiate it for yourself, or they will not include it, a bonus, not yours unless you negotiate it. Some websites such as favorite state this on their website and some don't Anyway for more help please PM me and I will be Happy to reply as soon as possible. I am currently working Travel assignments in Atlanta Ga. Live near Chattanooga,Tn. Whew, made it Jay
  11. by   nightingale
    Thanks for the post Jay... I have tried to contact Favorite Nurses too... Is that who you are with now? I know we are not sapposed to advertise here etc.. but we should be able to give recomendations that we can check out for ourselves.

    Glad your puter made it through! lol

  12. by   CEN35
    so far for their input, maybe i'll get started right after christmas!

  13. by   CEN35
    ok i had some free time tonight, and checked that site out. lots of people talk about lots of companies. some say one is good, and another says the same one is bad? if any of you have had any personal experience with some, you feel are good let me know. even use the email, to my profile and/or pm!!!


  14. by   swmn
    Everything is negotiable when it comes to travelling. I find it very helpful to keep in touch with two recruiters, each with different companies.

    I get paid bi-weekly, direct deposit.

    Took about a month to get everything done to actualy take my first assignment.

    Very exciting, I have been scuba diving all over the country in places I never would have otherwise visited.

    Remember, there are two major reasons a place hires a traveler. #1. Conditions suck and they can't get anyone else to work there. #2. Management sucks, and they can't get anyone to work there. Everyonce in a while I get lucky, just now I am filling in on a great unit that has two full time staff out for long term rehab with back injuries. Hardly ever get assignments this good.

    The money is great, I have just about got my credit cards paid off, three months to go and I am going to be a very happy boy. Downside, all I have for an emotional support network comes through my telephone. Very hard to get a hug from anyone that way.