Question About Valvular Heart Diseases..

  1. Currently I'm doing some refresh reading on cardiovascular and in my reading about valvular heart disease, I came across something I didn't fully understand.

    In teaching for the patient with valvular heart disease, it says the need to inform your dentist, urologist, and gynecologist about the condition.

    I don't fully understand why a patient would have to inform the specialist. Is it because of the potential dangers of using certain medications and the patients disease?

    Any help would be appreciated...thanks!
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  3. by   Ally09
    Patients with valvular disease are give prophalaxis antibiotic before invasive procedures to prevent the spread of infection to the heart valves. That is why they must let their dentist know that they have these issues so that he or she can prescribe them meds before the dental work to decrease the risk.
  4. by   paradox28
    Thank you!