1. Anyone out there live in Wilmington, N.C?
    I've been thinking about moving and would love to move there. New Hanover seems to be an excellent hospital.
    Any advice or replies would be appreciated. Thanks, Christel
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  3. by   boggle
    Dear Christel,
    Yes, folks are reading your post. But, no, I don't know about the Wilmington area.

    Just didn't want you to feel ignored

    Best of luck with your search!!
  4. by   kittyw
    How funny ... I was thinking about moving there when I get done with school!! (which won't be till Aug '03) I'm planing on visiting the area this August once my vacation starts. I'll let you know what I discover while I'm there!

  5. by   live4today
    Wilmington, North Carolina is a very beautiful oceanside city to live in. New Hanover hospital used to be known for it's friendly and helpful staff. I don't know if it's changed any today, but it's worth looking into. I think you'll love living there.