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It is flu season. Turn on any news station and you will hear statistics about how this year's flu has spread faster than anything. But, there is one thing I can think of that spreads faster than flu... Read More

  1. by   wondern
    Because it's about gossip and not religion. It's totally appropriate here.

    I found it informative in pointing out 8 specific types of gossip. So it has some bible verses. I don't mind that. I think it's nice.

    I don't find that 'all negative stuff' at all. I find gossip negative but not what I posted. I think it's positive and I did put a little effort into it because I thought someone may enjoy it.

    Who wants to argue?
    Not me, Ruby V. Don't go to the link if you don't like it.
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  2. by   eastcoastrn586
    I'll never forget the day I was in a patient's room and her husband acknowledged the nurses gossiping at the nurses station. He told me he noticed I was never at the desk engaging in it. It made me happy that someone noticed. I go out of my way to avoid gossiping. Patients and their families notice and sometimes they can even hear what we say! It might make me less likable but gossiping can easily become destructive. Also, how can you get all your work done if you spend so much time gossiping? And charge nurses should feel obligated to set an example. It makes me sad when they engage in it just as much as the next person.
  3. by   Kitiger
    Quote from wondern
    Here's an interesting article that can break it down for you.

    8 Types of gossip and what the Bible says about gossiping
    I think most of us would agree that slander, rumors, backbiting, and "not really joking" jokes, etc., are hurtful gossip. But some of us are labeling ANY talking about another person as gossip. I don't think we have to be that strict.

    We can try to build each other up, and to treat others as we would want to be treated.

    It's OK to pass along good things.
  4. by   wondern
    I guess it depends on your definition. I call the unharmful kind that doesn't involve made-up or unknown facts about another's private life just idle chitchat not hurtful gossip. I never even considered and still don't consider gossip as spreading good news about others. No way!

    I do appreciate your point about that, Kitiger. It is another perspective to consider. I just can't agree about the term usage. Maybe it's regional. Generally speaking, in the south gossip is not considered a good thing!

    Yes, passing good news can be a good thing unless someone prefers the opportunity to spread their own good news first of course. There is something respectful about that too. e.g. I'm pregnant or passed the boards or am engaged, in love, promoted, etc., etc.
    I totally agree in the Golden Rule and building each other up!

    Wow, went and did some research, there are lots of highly variable meanings of the word. Here's some history including some historical religious stuff but interesting. Gossip - Wikipedia
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  5. by   melissa.mills1117
    Quote from Flatline
    I have found that most places that try to regulate "gossip" are actually trying to manage lateral cordial communications in an effort to control comradeship. This is in an effort to prevent group think, the first step on the road to organized labor.

    Nurses are generally a social people considering their profession is highly dependent upon interpersonal relationships.

    I guess I have mixed feelings about this. The best teams I have ever been on were very socially intimate and most of the worst teams and problems I have faced were directly due to a lack of communications and understanding.

    I think we all can agree that there are positive and negative communications but generally it is the lack of the right communications that is the foundation of most problems.
    Flatline - I agree completely! Being a very communicative staff is great, as long as the communication is positive in nature. ~Melissa
  6. by   melissa.mills1117
    Quote from Munch
    At my old job the nurses were terribly gossipy. They were always talking about someone be it a co-worker, patient or family. It made me wonder if they would talk about me when I wasn't around. Not that I really care what others think of me, I just would rather people tell me what they are thinking about me to my face.

    The gossiping got so bad that I swear I felt like I should have been on an episode of ER. A few nurses were talking about a young patient that was pregnant within earshot of the patients mother..we had to pull the mother off the patient I thought she was going to strangle her. The patient was barely 13 and planned on getting an abortion so the mother wouldnt have been any the wiser(in NY state minors do not need parental consent for abortions). Its a crying shame those nurses turned that poor girls(and her mom) life upside down for nothing. Everything about that hospital was dangerously lax(hello HIPPA)? Its no surprise it closed it's doors.

    I guess the saying really is true..loose lips really do sink ships.
    Munch - Yikes! That is a crazy story! Thanks for sharing! And, yes, very sad indeed. ~Melissa