problems with my paycheck

  1. I posted this problem on hospital hub,too. I am having problems getting all of my paycheck. This is not an ucommon occurance as it has been happening practically every paycheck. I have to go to the payroll office and have them write me out another check for the money they have shorted me, usually 250.00 to 300.00. This past friday they owed me 250.00 and they wrote me a check for 169.00 so I had to go back to get the rest and fight for it. My friend worked 80 hours and got paid for 31. It took her all day to get the rest of her money as she didn't storm in there like I did. The thing is, I made a complete fool out of myself because I lost my temper, called the clerk a few choice nasty names and she tried to throw me out of the office and I wouldn't budge until I got my money. I fight for everything else in the nursing profession, including my patients, and now I have to fight for my money. I came home physically ill and exhausted. I like my job and don't want to quit. The administrators favorite words are " I'll get back to you about it" "we're working on it" etc. I ended up writing anonymously to wage and hour as I am afraid of any recourse. Is there anything else we can do? This doesn't only happen to me but it seems to be happening the most to those of us who work weird or extra hours. Also, are we supposed to be paid for our lunch because we can't leave and frequently get called from our lunches for patient care. Thanks.

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    You need to contact your state labor board and perhaps the NLRB. No telling how many laws they're breaking not to mention shady bookkeeping practices.

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    thanks for the info