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  1. The Hill Rom Total Care beds are very nice. We got all new Total Care beds in our critical care units in December. They will convert into a chair position with the push of a button. Another nice feature is that you can weigh the patient on the bed. A couple negatives on them are they are fairly noisy when you hit max inflate...alert patients may think they are ready for take off. The foot rails can be a touch too short for the restless patient that tries to get out of the bottom of the bed. Overall, they are much better than our previous beds.
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  3. by   Candy
    My hospital is about to purchase new mattresses and bed frames. We are considering 2 vendors:Stryker and HillRom. Can anyone give me feedback on the HillRom "Total Care"bed, or the Stryker DMS-1 mattress? thank you.
  4. by   Sophie
    Hey Candy, We use the Total care beds for about 1/3 of our patients, and we strongly dislike them. As the previous person commented, their siderails are too short and people can slip out of them (even if you shorten up the footboard, which is a feature), and they are very noisy!! My biggest problem with them is that when you pull up a patient, even if the bed's in max inflate, the 'rear' of the person stays in the same spot,likes it's saggy there. This has been a problem for us. These patients are in the beds a lot and that's why you use them, so all the pulling gets really old. The feature that you can make the bed into a chair is nice, but if the person is healthy enough that they can sit up, usually they could be in a regular Hill-Rom bed, and not the total care. Sophie