1. I went to a seminar today on the new regs for LTC---namely implementation of PPS on 1-1-99 as a means of Medicare reimbursement....I am interested in any conversation, hints, helps, whatever...as this is taking place...I know I am not alone because this is a federal mandate, but I am not hearing (reading) much about it on the nursing nets....this concerns me because it is a stark reality for anyone who is not even remotely prepared....I am in NY state and we are quite highly regulated already and we will have it a bit easier making the transition from the sounds of it ...but really, let's share ideas and thoughts on this topic and help each other cope....


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  3. by   Elaine Silver
    I just accepted a position as MDS Coordinator and though I've been doing the MDs for several years and consider myself proficent at it, the impact of pps and MDS combined are scary. I have downloaded the either PPS manual and have tried reading through it but the information is endless and repeatative. I have yet to attend a seminar on it but the people I've spoken to who have, are all saying it was of little help. what do you think?