possible solution to burnout syndrome in NJ!!!

  1. Hi All!!! If anyone is interested...I found a great agency that hires RNs, LPNs, CNAs, EMTs, etc...in New Jersey. Most agencies I have only done home care. This one places nurses into Hospitals, Clinics, Longterm care facilities, private duty, Dr. offices, State jobs (backfills), etc. They have all kinds of various jobs...breaking up the burnout syndrome of being in one place. They pay really well to and offer health benefits. Please let me know if you are interested. They have per diem, part time, full time and short/long term positions available. I get a little "ataboy" if you go through me so it would be appreciated if you would contact me directly at eginochio@home.com. Thanks and good luck. Doing this has saved me from burnout as I worked on an end stage alzheimer's unit for the 2 years!!! Hope I can help someone!!!
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