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  1. I am currently enrolled in a 4 year University, however the only thing that has caught my interest is nursing. I have heard different accounts varying from the satisfaction recieved by helping a patient to the neverending workload and constant disatisfaction of the patients. What is the emotional wear and tear put upon you daily? How long does it take to become an ED nurse or an OR? What does it really take to be a good nurse. I would really appreciate any advice or information.
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  3. by   bandido
    What does it take to be a good nurse? That's a heavy question April. I think the main thing is probably the same answer as to what does it take to be a good plumber or a good bus driver or a good surgeon. First and foremost, you have to love what you do. In nursing it means you have to be genuinely concerned for the health and wellness of others and be willing to help them. You have to care. Besides this, you need good "people skills," an interest in the sciences, a willingness to never want to stop learning, a willingness to work odd shifts/weekends/holidays, etc.
    The one thing you mention about emotional involvement is a good point. Know that you will be exposed to all the extremes of the human emotion in our profession. You will be reminded on a daily basis of what is important and what really matters in life. Sometimes it can be overwhelming. But don't let this discourage you, the rewards of touching lives far outweigh the emotional "wear + tear" that it brings. When it gets to be too much, nursing offers a variety of settings that can give you a "breather." About specializing (OR,ER), usually it means experience. If you want to pursue careers in a specific field, get involved. Volunteer, work as a technician and Network (who you know does matter). Specialized courses, college electives and certifications are also available but as a first step, most managers want experience or show of interest and involvement. Your inquiry on this subject shows that you are analytical and take your career seriously. These are great nursing traits. Hope this helps and I wish you happiness in whatever you choose to do.

    Martin Schiavenato RN, BSN, MS
  4. by   chairsscio
    please be careful, i have been a nurse for 27 years my son is also in an adn program. nursing has become so legal. there are those that would sue you even if you are doing everything right. so cover your ___. also, be firm with these people, your peers too, if you feel correct and comfortable stand your ground. good luck.
  5. by   montee
    Nursing is a great profession. You already have the best criteria in what it takes to a be a "good RN" and that's wanting to be one. Caring, nurturing and empathy are great qualities. Their are so many different feilds of nursing to experience that you'll never grow tired. Don't stop at the BSN level, go on to be an advanced practice nurse which wil open even more doors. Good luck