Please Help! Moving to Germany - Need Info!

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    I am a student of a diploma nursing program in San Antonio, TX, USA. I will graduate in June. My husband is taking a job in Munich, Germany & I will join him when I graduate. I have so many questions!
    For starters, I don't speak any German, yet. Are there any opportunities for me there?
    Second, Can I even practice in Germany with a diploma RN?
    Please help! I would appreciate any responses. Thanks!
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  3. by   Iwant2banurse

    Why don't you check if there are any American Hospitals or Armed Forces in the area. Munich is a pretty big city (and beautiful too). In regards to learning German, if you can, take a beginners college course or even just go to a bookstore, they have many different courses to chose from. If you are going to live in Germany for any length of time, you will definitely pick up the language.

    It sounds really exciting...Good Luck! If you wish to talk further, email me. I have a stepsister in Munich and I may be able to find out some information for you.