Planetree benefits

  1. We had a presentation from a rep. of a "planetree" hospital. Everything sounded GREAT! I'm just wondering has anyone worked at a non-planetree and a planetree facility and did you notice a great difference in the care/environment you were able to provide your patients with? Thanks!
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  3. by   ERRNTraveler
    I currently work as a traveler, but before I started traveling, I worked at a "Planetree" hospital. I don't really notice much difference in they way patients and their families are treated- some of the policies at the Planetree hospital were more "family-friendly" (no set visiting hours, etc), but no huge differences that I've noticed. The thing I didn't like about Planetree, was that every year we were required to go to this day-long Planetree retreat- a big waste of time in my opinion.....