pharmacology class!!! AHH

  1. gee, I thought I was smart and able to handle this but pharmacology is pretty darn difficult. I can't understand why it is killing me! Maybe it's the compression of the class (10 weeks). Maybe there's just monstors to learn!

    How many nurses here know just about every drug and every side effect known to man?


    can anyone else shed some light on pharmaceuticals/pharmacology and your every day nursing use of it?
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  3. by   ruffhouser
    To answer your questions, I don't know many nurses who know about every drug and side effect. That is why we keep current reference materials at the unit. I was really nervous about pharmacology until I realized that the drugs that I really had to know were the ones that were common for the area that I was going to work in. What I didn't know offhand, I could get the information out of current drug books kept on the unit, information from the pharmacy, drug inserts from the package, internet, etc. Relax, you'll do wonderfully! Take care and God bless!