permanent bruise?

  1. I was wondering is it possible to have permanent bruises or discolouration?

    Is it still a bruise? what is it called if it isn't?

    I have seen this twice, once was on a shin on a 50+ year old woman the "bruising" was 20 years old after she had a skying accident into a tree. no surgery just the trauma from impact.

    The other was a foot injury that occured 6 months ago on a 20 something year old. this one occured on the top of the foot where an object of 1000+ pounds landed on it. no breaks on x-ray at time of injury, still slightly tender and obvious discolouration the borders where object landed (you can tell that it had a curve on it).

    The second Pt stated that the discolouration is more obvious when his foot is cold. Why would this be/

    Both of these cases are an injury on a bony surface does that matter?

    if it isn't a bruise then what is it? If a bruise is simply blood then why wouldn't it disolve and disappear?

    any ideas? really just curious on the physiology of this.

    thanx, Brenna
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  3. by   wildmountainchild
    I took a nasty fall onto my hip about 6 months ago and I have a dent in my hip and a light bruise still. I think it has something to do w/ compression of the connective tissue and vasculature. I would think that blood flow is compromised and that some pigmentation get trapped where it can't be cleared away easily.

    I don't really know though. I'm just guessing. But it is annoying.
  4. by   BSNtobe2009
    I have a red splotch about the size of a quarter on my right thigh. A playmate took a large tree branch and was swinging it and I got hit in my leg. I was about 9. It turned your classic blue and then when the blue went away, I had this red splotch and it has stayed there ever since.

    I would LOVE to know what that is.