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  1. I'm 37 y/o, nursing is my 2nd career. I have worked on med-surg/ step down at another hospital for 6 years and is enrolled in a FNP program.

    I'm going to a peer interview for an ICU position in a large university hospital. I feel that I'm prepared for the difficult behavior questions because this is my 3rd peer interview in the past 3 years. The manager said that this is a new unit and most ppl are new grads or with a few years' experiences.

    Any tips of how to connect with a younger interviewer (fit in)? or any tips for peer interview?Those who are peer interviewers, how you make decisions about the applicants? Thanks a bunch.
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  3. by   Sour Lemon
    Plenty of new graduates are not "young". But even if they are young, they probably care about the same things everyone else does. Don't overthink it ...and good luck!