1. Hi Fellow RN's,

    I took the PCCN today and passed! The exam was rough but I studied a lot within the past 2 weeks. I used 2 textbooks, the AACN 120 questions book, SAE and the webinar on the AACN website and a 2 day course at my hospital. The webinar was AMAZING! I recommend ALL RN's studying for the PCCN to purchase it. I am super excited to have passed on my first try
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  3. by   kaylee.
    I have a question regarding your timeline: when did u take the 120 question AACN test book, and when did u take the SAE? I have the 120 booklet but am not sure if this should be a preliminary test to see where I should study, or a diagnostic sortof predictor at the end of my studies? Same with the SAE. Thanks!