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  1. Nurses complain about salaries! The problem may be We as nurses do not consider the job as a for profit career. The Health industry does consider it a for profit opportunity. The bottom line is all that really counts to every stock holder, ask your CEO, COO, Their job depends on this fact. ( HMO's,Insurance companies, The MD and his partners, The drug companies, if the profit is not their the they aren't either out of choice.)
    They use the nurse to increase $$$ lines on the assumption we are all here to do this job for our satifaction and helping others. I do! We nurses are compared to teachers who like us, need too, and most of us do, like helping others. The truck driver, construction worker, lawyers, MDs, deal with the prospective employer's knowing it's for profit.
    [Qeustions ?]
    Should nurses start dealing with them the same way?
    DO nurses increase thier skills and knowledge for proffessional growth?
    If the MD increases his knowledge this adds to his worth in $$, When the nurse increases kwonledge does it add thier $$ worth ?

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  3. by   sharonNC
    We need to protect our profession. Nurses are overworked and underpaid for our knowledge base.I have had many patients make the statement that and I quote "I know Duke is paying you well as an RN." When I tell these patients that we(I have only been a nurse for a little over a year) are not making $30,ooo a year(flat rate,Duke starts new grads @ $15.04), they are dumbfounded. The patients say,for your educational level and knowledge I am really shocked. They realize and recognize that nurses are the back bone of any facility,yes we work as a team,but the patients ask us questions that they should be asking the MD! In answer to your question,should we start making this a for profit profession,I not quiet sure! WE have to provide contining education data,just like the doctors,we have to keep up with the latest techniques. Nurses like PT,OT,RESP, therpay should not be tied in as part of the general hospital bill. We are highly skilled professionals,(we are PT,OT, Respiratory,dietians,cna,social worker,and Psych consult when needed). There are many times when I ask myself,did I make the right decision about nursing,then a patient will look at me and say thank you,and all my doubts will go out the window. The answer is yes,we need to protect our profession,we can continue to give excellent care and probably have a little more control over our profession if we starte charging for nursing services. I think administion would seen,who really brings in the money! Thanks for a great topic.
  4. by   HoJo
    It makes me sick to know that most, if not all, physician assistants make more than nurses at starting position. The PA program in my state only requires two years cummulative! No BSN is needed. The problem with nursing is that there are so many of us and we do not have a real political voice to express our needs and concerns. This issue is going to go on for a long time since the nursing shortage is going to push us to an even bigger crunch.