Pay in NOVA

  1. [font=microsoft sans serif]i'm looking to move to nova.....does anyone know what nurses start off at in nova?
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  3. by   Dianne6
    I am assuming that you mean northern virginia?
  4. by   ICUNursn
    Yes northern Virginia
  5. by   Elysium_Won
    I graduate in December. From the interviews/info sessions I've been to, you're looking at starting in the range of $23-$25/hr, give or take a few cents here and there. Differentials for evening/night seem to very quite a bit. One place pays an additional $8/hr for overnight shift and another pays a flat $5/hr more for weekends. Other places quote percentages for evening/night/weekend differentials.
  6. by   AgentR
    $24/hr for new grads at Inova hospitals.