patient rights..Take pity on a student.

  1. Take pity on a stressed out student and please provide any thoughts,ideas or information on philosphy regarding a patients right to choose and refuse treatment with anything on Jehovahs Witnesses Vs Blood products most welcome,especially with any emphasis on the role as the nurse as advocate in these situations......Thanks.......Dave
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  3. by   Genista
    Make sure the patient understands the risks/benefits of a blood transfusion. People have the right to refuse medical treatment based on religious beliefs. You need to MAKE CERTAIN that they do understand what refusal entails (possible outcomes). Document your instruction and their understanding of said instruction. If they do continue to refuse blood's a site I found that may be helpful for Jehovah's Witnesses who refuse a blood transfusion (alternatives).

    Good luck on your study! Please share w/ us how it goes.

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