Patient Care Technician

  1. What kind work do Patient Care Technicians do?
    And what are the job requirements ?

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  3. by   time4meRN
    Depens on where you work. I work in ER, our techs do desk,(take off orders, make calls, keep records etc. They also so EKG's, take pt's from the waiting room to the ER, run pt's to x-ray etc. Help with pt care needs. But , job duties vary. If you work in a LTC facility, your job descriptions could be very different.
  4. by   Ms Kylee
    On my floor, they do everything Nursing Assistants do, plus enemas, inserting and removing Foley's and removing IV's. They can also do EKG's. We just had one Nursing Assistant pass the class about a month ago.
  5. by   philippians4:13
    What is the pay rate for a patient care technician compared to a CNA
  6. by   lance1215
    yes I second philippians4:13 question.. what is the difference!?