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LOUISVILLE, Ky. -- A man who was arrested for biting off the tip of a nurse's finger spoke out about the incident Monday. Trent Taylor, 20, discussed his actions with NewsChannel 32's Allison... Read More

  1. by   SharonH, RN
    Originally posted by charissa
    Well, I did get a response, not from the station, but from the reporter, kinda seems like one they drafted up and stuck my name on top of, see if any you guys get appear the same, at any rate here it is;
    12 June 2003

    Dear Ms. Gartrell:

    When we first acquired the survellience video from Mr. Taylor's open court record, we showed it to various nurses, medical researchers, educators and attorneys in the Louisville area. This was done because we didn't know if the actions of the hospital personnel were out of the ordinary.

    Without exception, all of these people felt the actions of the nurse and other personnel were outside accepted medical and nursing practice. Several felt Mr. Taylor had been assaulted by hospital personnel.

    We then hired the experts shown in the story. We made it clear we wanted them to watch the tape and give us their professional opinion, without prejudice or prejudgement.

    Both of these experts routinely testify in medical malpractice cases. Their opinion was the basis of our story. We will report the progress of the court case and any subsequent investigation arising out of our original story, including anything involving the personnel shown dealing with Mr. Taylor.

    We also made it abundantly clear that Mr. Taylor was drunk, disorderly, abusive and aggressive toward the staff and others during his visit to the emergency room.

    Incidentally, the entire survellience tape, provided by the hospital, was placed on our website simultaneously with the story on our news broadcast.

    We appreciate your opinion and understand we probably won't say much to change your mind. We hope this letter helps clarify the process with which we assembled our story concerning Mr. Taylor and University Hospital.

    We stand by the story.


    James Zambroski

    WAVE 3 News

    I got the exact same letter in response to my e-mail to the station. It looks like they are going to defer to the "experts", most of whom I will bet you my bottom dollar have no significant or recent experience in dealing with these situations. Sickening.
  2. by   healingtouchRN
    just want to wonder if the experts have worked lately @ the bedside & how many complete digits do they have on each hand?
  3. by   charissa
    Here is one of the notes I sent to the "consultants" , the other follow similar thoughts.
    I recently noted your expert opinion on a news broadcast show from some time ago regarding the Taylor case. I was simply emailing you to inform you of your extreme disservice to nursing and those of us who aren't hiding behind desks each day. I applaud your career and the hard work that you have obviously put forth to become successful in so many things. I did find your broadcasted review distressing both in content and in attitude. Having been a nurse for a great length of about five years according to your little biography about 30 years ago I am sure you are in the very best position to be critiquing other nurses. Your comments, while aggravating in many respects are no where near as frustrating as your contrite rehearsed responses and exclamations while "viewing" the security tape which is unclear at best, and at least on my end had no audio. Also, perhaps it was not covered in your nurses training, but pacing, flailing of the arms, and other restless behaviors are generally not construed as de-escalating behavior. Sometimes pts have to be restrained before things can escalate further. Clear instructions are given as to the reason for them and needed behavior in order to have them removed. HIPPA and JACHO are specific and demanding in their regulations concerning restraints and rightly so. It can also be said, however that no matter what the supporting info a nurse who restrains a pt is damned if the pt complains later, regardless of circumstance or pt behavior. I also did not note the nurse "Sitting with both knees on the pt" at any time. Perhaps it was the version I viewed, but the only thing close to that was her knee on his shoulder at she is trying to get her finger released. Thank you for illustrating, once again, that once a nurse is off the floor whether to management or other related professions she quickly becomes mentally distanced and unable to relate to real nurses. There are many points which I dispute your entire commentary on, but do not wish to discuss. I am sure that perhaps you meant only to give a legal opinion, as that is now your specialty but that was definitly not the impression given to any viewers I have spoken with.
    Lawyers and the public need to wake up. Nurses have the same right to safety and freedom from assault as everyone else. Kudos to this nurse for having the guts to to what she did in standing up for herself; God bless her, she'll need it.
  4. by   nowplayingEDRN
    Originally posted by Good_Queen_Bess
    It's sure is a strange world when a police officer, armed to the teeth can batter or kill a person who vaguely threatens them, and get's away with it. Yet a nurse who is trying to HELP someone who turns violent and the nurse DEFENDS him/herself, with no weapon, is PROSECUTED. IMO, this nurse's human rights are being violated.
    The long, silent, blue line is a formidibal opponent. I have said it several times already in this post and I'll say it again because it can not be emphasised care professionals get bludgeoned and critisized terribly and are made out o be the bad guys because we have a history of allowing management to divide and conquer us. We tend to tear apart each other rather than support each other. As soon as we start to stick together and support one another rather than persecute each other, we will never get the respect and fair shake (or not so fair shake) that the blue line gets. Please, son't get me wrong, as I am not cop bashing but there are times when the evidence was in favor of an abuse by the law enforcement and it gets pushed over as self defense and they get away with it. but they also are in a far more dangerous line of work, walking blindly into situations that can quickly turn deadly and I appreciate their daily sacrifice. But fair is fair and they should be held to the same standards as the rest of the world. Bless us one and all and Nurses United World Wide......HOOAH!!
  5. by   grneyes676
    Are there other places of employment where the staff must allow themselves to be abused?? I was not able to get the video to work on my puter so I did not see what happened. But it sounds like a potentially, very violent situation. I have been bitten, spit at, kicked, punched, etc.......these pt's ended up restrained. Had I been in this paticular nurses position I would have done what ever it took to make sure myself and my coworkers were safe!! Maybe there was a better way to stop this pt. maybe not. But this nurse did what she had to and what she thought best at that nurses we should all support her!!
  6. by   charissa
    Louisville KY, thats not terribly far from me. Lookslike his trials starts the 30th, does anyone know what time, or could you find out? I think all of us in the general area SHOULD show up for the first day in uniform, and if Im off Id drive clear down there to do it! Anyone else? It would be awesome if there was a sea of uniforms when it begins, quite a statement
  7. by   funnygirl_rn
    Charissa, that is an excellent idea to show that nurse their uniform. Hope the nurses show up in droves. That would make a statement.
  8. by   mattsmom81
    This situation makes me sick!! Hope she has a sharp attorney who will expose nurse abuse for what it is. Too often, drunk, high, angry, abusive people (mostly men) think it's OK to abuse a female nurse. We don't seem to have the right to protect ourselves at all!! The 'anti violence/combative patient' policies I have seen are insufficient and give only lip service to the problem.

    I've never been injured on the job lifting, but I HAVE been injured by abusive, combative patients...and know many other nurses who have.

    My heart goes out to this nurse. Hope she has a great attorney and that she followed policy to the letter so the hospital can't possibly submarine her. They will if they can.

    It's sure dang scary being a nurse in this day and age isn't it. I feel like I'm on a tightrope all the time. <sigh>
  9. by   CseMgr1
    She should have bitten his finger off, in return. That would have given the press something better to talk about:angryfire
  10. by   healingtouchRN
    honey, you think like I do!!!! a little southern hospitality redneck style might make him think before he bites again! :roll
  11. by   CseMgr1
    Well, it worked on my son when he was two. I didn't bite his finger off, but gave him a nip back after he bit me. Needless to say, he never did that again!

    And as for the sorry press who are hell-bent determined to make a mockery out of our profession, they need to take a listen to Don Henley's song "Dirty Laundry"...and take a look at themselves.
  12. by   Good_Queen_Bess
    At a hospital I used to work a while back, there was a place outside where there were no cameras. I heard a rumour that a guy once came into A&E who was a pimp. He had beaten up one of "his girls" and had come to collect her and had become abusive and violent to the staff also. A couple of the porters and security guards apparantly took him to this blind corner and "had a word". Whilst I don't advocate this in anyway, it's the only language scum like that understand. Why is it, when we are here to HELP people, some people just get abusive.
  13. by   mattsmom81
    Bess, sometimes a few well placed...errr...comments from our male staff will work wonders won't it...on ugly docs, unruly patients and family...whatever...LOL!! They can go a bit farther in the ER I've heard, where they have a bit more leeway....

    It's just a good reminder how much of this is is still the age old problem of men bullying women.