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  1. What's your perspective on patient advocacy?
    As nurses, patients rely on us to speak on their behalf when they are unable to and collborate with them to let their wishes be known and to ensure that they receive the highest quality of care. Advocating for our patients is very important in regards to their safety, and welfare which affect their outcome. As nurses we are in an ideal position to advocate for our patients to protect their rights. Isn't our duty as nurses? Being a patient advocate can be very difficult especially if you lack the experience or feel inadequate. Taylor and Ferszt,(1998) list two important aspects of advocating effectively and she call these the "central task of advocacy."
    -initial task is to have reverence for our patients by being able to respect their autonomy and don't try to control them.
    -the second is fedelity-which is our ability to carry out our patients wishes- open communication, trust and assertiveness is important (taylor, etl.,1998).
    Taylor,P.,& Ferszt,G.,(1998). The patient advocate. Nursing, 28, 70-73.

    Marie E White
    SUNY @ Buffalo
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  3. by   Katrina
    If nurse's don't, who will? Being a patient advocate one of the most important roles we play as caregivers. I think nurse's should never be afraid to speak up on behalf of the patient. I know if I were the patient, I would hope that the nurse caring for me would have the strength to be my advocate.