Paramedic to LPN

  1. Can Paramedics transition to LPNs without going through the LPN program? I can't seem to find infomation on this. Help settle this for me. Thanks!
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  3. by   ohmeowzer RN
    no i have never heard that they could. i believe you have to attend nursing school .

    you can contact your state's BON and ask.
  4. by   catlynLPN
    No, you cannot. Unless you have been to LPN school and passed state boards, you cannot work as an LPN.

    I'm curious as to what prompted you to ask this question.
  5. by   SuesquatchRN
    You can via, but to RN. Post this in the Distance Learning forum. Lunah just did, and she's kicking some serious butt in the ED.

  6. by   Murse901
    Nope. Just as an LPN can't be a Paramedic without going to medic school, medics can't be LPN's without going to nursing school. You would be better served in finding a medic-to-RN program anyway.
  7. by   RNgirlie
    not that i know of. but maybe you should could consider RN school. the paramedics are usually very good in RN school. I had a paramedic in my class and he was advanced in hard subjects like cardiac for example. a lot of the rest of students would ask him questions for clarification. always admired him.