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  1. One of the LPN's whom I work with came to me one night and told me that earlier that day, our DON had yelled at her in the hallway, in front of staff, patients, and visitors. the LPN had been running late with her med pass for reasons beyond her control, and so was not involved in other tasks, which the DON felt she should have been doing at that point in time.To compound matter, the LPN felt that the DON didn't care why she was late, and didn't allow her to explain. The LPN was demoralized to the point of nearly quitting on the spot. This LPN is an excellent nurse, who is very rarely behind schedule. How can I talk to our DON about this incident without making things worse for the LPN...or me?
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  3. by   mn nurse
    Beyond offering your coworker emotional support and advice, I don't think your involvement with the DON will help either your coworker or you. It's likely both of you will be perceived as "trouble makers".

    Depending on the politics at your facility, now that the heat of the moment is over, your coworker could try talking with the DON directly (you don't give any indication of what the DON is normally like), she could talk with your Nurse Manager, if she has a good relationship with the manager, and, as a last resort, she could document the incident in a letter to Human Resources with a cc to the administrator. This last plan won't win her any points with the DON, but will provide some documentation and protection in case of future problems.

    I have been the Nurse Manager of two subacute units located in longterm care facilities, and in both places, administration was keenly aware of how hard it is to find enough staff, let alone GOOD staff. Your administration will likely not want to lose your coworker, if she's as good as you say. If they don't care, maybe it isn't the type of place she wants to work, anyway. There are plenty of facilities that would jump at the chance to hire her...
  4. by   bluesboyj
    mn nurse, you are lucky to work in a place where administration cares about having experienced nurses because the last few places I've worked administration would rather have new non-experienced nurses because they are cheaper and the bottom line is what counts most these days.

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