oral meds????

  1. you guys will love this,
    Today I was asked by my manager to send a member of our staff to another ward to special a patient who was epileptic,alcoholic and aggressive and had a respiratory arrest. Of course this would leave our ward short but I'm a nice person so I agreed.
    I then phoned the manager back and suggested that if they were unable to look after him would it not be beter to transfer him to us, answer was yes please.

    Now comes the good bit - On his script was written reducing doses of Librium ORALLY. Bare in mind the poor guy had an obstructed airway due to biting his tongue during fitting and his tongue was so swollen that it was out of his mouth and a nasopharangeal airway in place. And they wanted us to give him oral meds, I don't think so.
    Aren't Drs just so wonderful sometimes, what happened to looking at the patient.

    P.S nedless to say he now has I.V meds.
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