OR nurse in Considering Army or Air Force Reserves

  1. I'm looking for more information about Army and Air Force Reserves for Operating Room nurses. I have been a RN for 12 years. Exclusively to the Operating Room. Would I have to go back through training? Would I be circulating? I have done trauma, Ortho, general, plastics etc. I can basically do everything but hearts. I don't want to have to go through another training program to learn the Operating Room. Please help me and advise. Thanks in advance. A little extra information I am a military brat. I want to serve and I am not afraid to be called up. The incentives are getting my masters degree and little school loan debt I have left paid off.
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    No, you wouldn't have to go through an OR training program. They credit you 50% of your full time RN experience. You would start as a Captain (O-3). You would have to go through some sort of officer indoctrination training for either branch: COT is 5 weeks for the AF and the Army has a similar course. OR nurses in the military almost never scrub, they pretty much exclusively circulate.