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  1. I am an RN finishing up my master's degree in family nurse practitioning in the Philadelphia area. I am extremely interested in getting some feedback from RN's about your impression of the nurse practitioner's role today. What kind of interaction have you had with NP's? How do you think that they are most valuable to our medical system? What are some of your bad experiences with NP's? How do you think that NP's and RN's collaborate, and do they have good working relationships? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks

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  3. by   blake
    Hi there. Great question, but if you graduating as an FNP soon shouldn't you already know the answer to your question?

    I happen to be a PNP student due to graduate in 8/99. In my opinion, I feel NPs recieve mixed reviews from the public and healthcare consumers. I think we are well recieved by those who have had contact/ care from an NP, while those who have not had the fulfilling experience of seeing an NP, would rather recieve care from a physician. Personally I am less concerned with how the public view the NP but rather I would like to spread the word and our good reputation to more consumers. Unfortunately, due to the current state of healthcare in this nation it is our job to educate and to sell ourselves and our outstanding abilities, education and so forth!

    I hope this is helpful to you, please feel free to reply!

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