online nurse refresher courses you recommend?

  1. I understand they have to be state approved, in this case it would be for California. Does anyone have any suggestions about online refresher courses that they felt were well organized and helped to prepare you to re-enter nursing after a long break?

    Or does anyone feel strongly that refresher courses should be done in person?
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  3. by   lorettap
    I can't answer for Ca but in Florida I am currently taking a PN refresher course online and I love it it has been easy to navigate. I just found out this weekend that I can sit in on any class I like. the school I am attending is called capscare it is located in Lake Worth, Florida
  4. by   luv2swim
    I am currently researching refresher courses too. You can go to and look up Ca refresher courses. I'm leaning towards doing a program at a college that includes theory and clinicals-I've been out of Nursing for 12 years-I know I'll need a course.