Olympics nursing ad

  1. Hi All,
    Did anyone else see the Johnson & Johnson ad: 'discover nursing' on the Olympic opening ceromonies? I though it was great. Showed amazing awareness of the diversity of nurses as well as practice. Male and female, different ethnicities, a really well done positive presentation of our profession. Included website discovernursing.com.
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  3. by   nurs4kids

    the link to another thread about this.
  4. by   hpyrn
    I e-mailed J&J thanking them for showing a positive view of nursing, and they e-mailed me back. It was very cool.
  5. by   JustMe
    Actually they started the ads before the Olympics and I e-mailed them as well. It was wonderful to see an ad aimed at nurse recruitment paid for by a drug company. When was the last time any of you got recognition from a drug company? They e-mailed me back and now I think I need to invest in their stock!!