older Nurses and the web

  1. Do you all believe that an individual could successfully research issues that impact older nurses using the world wide web? Do you believe there is enough computer savvy among older nurses to access their general viewpoints about how they are being treated in todays health care environment? Or, is the only way to reach this group is by using mailing lists and snail mail? What % of older nurses are interested in the web and sites like WWNURSE.COM?
    Just Curious
    Tom ( Gerontology GRaduate Student)
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  3. by   Yoshi
    Well,Tommy,some of us old folks can get around the www. With help from our bifocials
    and our ginkgo biloba. WHAT'S OLD?

  4. by   BRITISH R.N.
    I'm not quite geriatric yet but not in the first flush of youth, I trained in the 1970's. I think the Net is a wonderful medium to get all nurses whatever their age in communication with one another.
    I've only been connected to the Web for six weeks and I'm hooked. I'm spreading the word amongst my British colleaques about this site as fast as I can. We don't seem to have a British equivalent yet. The more we can discuss our mutual problems and solutions the better it will be for us and our patients.
  5. by   NursePeggy
    I am an older nurse >50, not only am I on the internet but a lot of the RN's in the hospital were I work are in their 40' and 50's and are on the internet. I think a large percentage of RN's are middle aged and a large percentage of them are on the internet. Peggy
  6. by   NurseBoy
    I wouldn't rush into internet-based research Tom. At this stage of the game, a powerful argument could be mounted against your results by pointing out the demographic differences between those who regularily & confidently use the internet & those who don't. If you're prepared to target a sub-group (sub-culture?) of Nurses, go ahead. Otherwise, forget it for now. Cheers, NurseBoy

  7. by   sandygator
    Hey Tom!
    Do you believe that one can not teach old dogs new tricks? *lol*
    What on earth does the age on the nurse have to do with whether or not they're on the net?
    Love ya anyway
  8. by   ssscorpion
    Boys, always look for the easy way. Old nurses don't surf they're just working their rears off while you boys look for something to put off on us old gals and tell us how behind the times we are. get real. get a job.
  9. by   Pat G
    Hey Tom,
    What's with this "older nurse" discrimin-
    ation? My mind is probably as sharp as yours
    & I'm in my mid 50's. When I trained(centur-
    ies ago), many times we were responsible for
    18 hospital patients & boy, we'd better know
    every detail about them! I also bet you
    never had to take care of a husband who
    worked shifts, 3 children, a house(lots of
    work there) & worked full time. After all
    that, surfing the net's a piece of cake!!
  10. by   pdxrn
    Tommy boy, you bit off more than you could chew when you took on us geriatric nurses. LOL!! I'm 49 an RN for 14 years and very internet savvy. I understand what you are trying to do because I want to do the same thing for disabled nurses, but I think the one person was right. Your results would be off because not everyone has access to the net and computers. I think if you studied "older" nurses and had a component about internet savvy older nurses, it might fly better. Well, I better go sit in my rocker and knit awhile. LOL HeeHee!!
  11. by   Christie H.
    Guess what? Where I work the " young" nurses know less about a computer then I do. They also don't attend classes, read literature, further their knowledge as some of us "older" nurses do. Are you talking "old" or experienced? Note that the mean age of nurses is about 42. Is that old or experienced?

    Christie H.
  12. by   sparrow
    I'm "old" too! And I love the internet and am very capable of finding my way about. (I am one of the oldest nurses in my area and the "young" kids ask me to show them around computers and the iternet all the time).
  13. by   Nancy Nurse
    Dear Tom,
    This is my first posting to a bulletin board. I'm a 50-year-old RN, who obtained a BSN this year. Guess I'd say there are no limitations for people my age or older to use the Internet as a forum for discussion. I'd be interested in knowing how many 50-something and 60-something RNs manage the stamina to remain in bedside nursing.
  14. by   Marynurse
    I'm 48-almost 49-graduated in '72-as I get up from my rocking chair...Seriously,I also find that many of my cohorts are getting computer savvy and going to the 'net for info. Age doesn't seem to matter-old dog,etc.