NYU, SUNY Brooklyn, or Columbia?

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    Anyone on here wanna share their experiences or decisions about these 3 schools? I sent in my Columbia deposit for the ETP program, then found out I was accepted to the Accelerated BSN programs at New York University and SUNY Downstate (Brooklyn). I just want to make sure I made the right decision!! If any of you has attended or is planning to attend any of these schools, how did you like it/what made you choose it?? I know SUNY is waaaaayy cheaper than the other 2 (even with a half tuition scholarship from Columbia), but I don't want to base my decision just on that....



    BTW I do plan on getting an MSN eventually, which is why ETP is appealing, but then, I figure I could always go to grad school if I went to NYU or SUNY, right??
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