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  1. I would like to get input from nurses about how managed care has affected their jobs. In an article in RN magazine called The Way it is Today, by Moore, A.S.(1997) She describes the results of a survey of 857 readers of RN magazine as not very optimistic. 43% reported a decrease in staffing levels, and higher patient acuity. Many nurses did report they have more control of patient care than in the past, but they feel that cost cutting measures are prohibiting them from providing quality care. Nine out of ten respondents said the amount of knowledge required to perform their nursing duties had increased dramatically in the last 3 years. 94% say their responsibilities have increased. 3 out of 4 report much higer levels of patient, acuity. Many reported that it was impossible to provide adequate patient education. Only 16% said they felt the quality of patient care had increased. When asked what was in store for the future the majority of nurses responded more paperwork, and more supervision of UAP's. Let me know what you think.
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    Dear Jody L., Things are rough and getting rougher all the time, but I am tough and getting tougher all the time. It is time to move on to other things in my case even though I love being a nurse and am very proud of my work. I believe a very sever shortage of RNs in on the horizon because I know many others who are doing the same.