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  1. I need help!!! I want to go to College, but it seems like I cannot get any financial aid>>>>> I am living on my own, support myself, NOT married, NO kids and they don't seem to want to help??

    I am starting LPN, or RN school in the fall. Is there any grants or any other aid that anyone knows of out there???

    PLease help!!!! I just want to be a NURSE....
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  3. by   MartyL
    You should ask your school's financial aid department about work-study, grants and scholarships and even student loans. If all else fails, you could get a part-time job to pay for your expenses while you go to school. Do you have family or friends that you could move in with to share (cut) expenses? Where there is a will there is a way. Don't let anything stand in your way when you want to educate yourself. Good luck!